HTC Magic User Manual Quick Start Guide Vodafone

HTC Magic User Manual Quick Start Guide Vodafone We found something that makes us confused about the hardware specifications of the RAM is already installed HTC Magic for Vodafone. Official specs on the page, it is written that the HTC Magic comes with 288 MB RAM, on the contrary, in the Specifications section in the User Manual / User PDF of the HTC Magic, it says that the phone just stick with 192 MB of RAM. We do not know which information is correct or it could be that in certain areas, RAM is available in different specifications.

We've talked a few specs HTC Magic in the Overview section, let's dig up more information about HTC Detail Spec. For connectivity features, Phone comes with Bluetooth version 2.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) Bluetooth headset also supports A2DP profile for wireless stereo (it's a must if you want to be listed Audio / Music with a wireless bluetooth headset). For Internet connection, you can use the WiFi WLAN IEEE 802.11 b, g each time you are in an area Hotspot Access Point and you are allowed to connect to the network (some areas need a security code or lock code).

For High Data Transfer via USB slot, HTC Magic is equipped with 11 pin min ExtUB with USB 2.0 and Audio June in one slot). For the Camera (feature photography), HTC Magic for Vodafone mobile phone embedded in the rear body (see picture above) with a 3.2 Megapixel Color Camera (some sources write only has 3.15MP) along with the Auto Focus (autofocus), Digital Zoom, Image Editor (Up to 2048 x 1536 pixel image size) as well as Video Camcorder Recording (able to create videos up to 15fps QVGA).
Multimedia Player for HTC support for AAC, MP3, AMR NB, MIDI, WMA, WAV, AAC LC, and OGG format Audio (Music Player) and for the Video Player supports MP4 and 3GP format. Using Google's Android OS, it means the HTC Magic is also installed with Google Mobile Services such as Android Market and Applications for the availability of ready to be downloaded, Google Talk, Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Latitude, YouTube, and more. Other Features: Digital Compass, G-Sensor, Alarm Clock, Calendar, etc.

Table Contents User Guide HTC Magic Manual / user for Vodafone
  • You know the HTC Magic and Accessories
  • Installing the SIM Card Card, Battery, and Storage
  • Charging the Battery
  • Phone Controls
  • Getting around Your Phone
  • Start
  • Screen
  • Phone Status and Notification
  • Application
  • Arrangement
  • Adjusting the Volume
  • Using the Onscreen Keyboard
  • Phone Storage Card as a USB Drive
  • Making a Call
  • Answering or Rejecting Calls
  • Call Options
  • Using the Call Log
  • Customizing Phone Settings
  • Turning Phone On and Off Function
  • Creating and Managing Your Contacts
  • Using the Calendar
  • Using the Alarm Clock
  • Sending text messages and multimedia
  • Using Google Mail
  • Using Email Using the Google Talk
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Using the Browser
  • Using Bluetooth
  • Using the map
  • Finding Tourist Attractions
  • See map
  • Getting Directions
  • Finding your friends with Google Latitude
  • Using Camera and Camcorder
  • Using the Gallery
  • Viewing Videos on YouTube
  • Using Music
  • Using the Android Market
  • Getting Help
  • Finding the application
  • Installation Applications
  • Buying Applications
  • Managing Applications
  • Uninstalling the Application
  • Changing Basic Settings
  • Protecting Your Phone
  • Managing Memory
  • Update Software
  • Google Sync Application
  • Resetting the Phone
  • Specification
  • Notification Regulations
  • Download | Language: English | PDF Size: 4.61 MB | Pages: 108
  • Download | Language: Spanish | PDF Size: 4.77 MB | Pages: 118
  • Download | Language: Dutch | PDF Size: 4.68 MB
  • Download | Language: French | PDF Size: 4.5 MB
  • Download | Language: Italian | PDF Size: 4.5 MB
  • Download | Language: Czech| PDF Size: 7.7 MB
  • Download | Language: German | PDF Size:
  • Download | Language: Greek | PDF Size: 7.7 MB

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