HTC T-Mobile Dash 3G aka HTC Snap Manual User Guide

HTC T-Mobile Dash 3G aka HTC Snap Manual User Guide  - Actually, HTC Snap is specifically released in the U.S. come together with a carrier Sprint, but now what we're trying to deliver on the HTC Snap and Review Manual is a version aimed at the world wide version, or at least the European version. For our Sprint HTC Snap will be discussed later. As we have mentioned in the title of the HTC Snap also known as the HTC Dash 3G. In the U.S. Dash 3G is available with T-Mobile Carrier, which is why it is also called the HTC T-Mobile 3G Dash. No other name or alias HTC Snap T-Mobile Dash 3G, for example, it is also said that as the HTC Excalibur, HTC Maple and HTC Captain too. We still do not know (we have not investigated yet) why this version is called by different names, but it looks like (we thought) by reason of the Regional / State.

We would like to say that the HTC T-Mobile Dash 3G and the HTC Snap use a monoblock form factor or you can also say to use a candy bar form factor. For Type I / O, armored Dash 3G Qwerty keyboard with four rows and is also used with 2.4-inch Display with TFT-LCD display 65 thousand colors at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels QVGA resolution. Especially in the U.S. that comes along with T-Mobile Dash 3G network uses GSM technology in 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies for 2G quad band GPRS and EDGE (up to 236.8 kbpd) and suppport up to 7.2 Mbps 3G HSDPA in 1700/2100 Mhz.

On page 131 of the User Manual PDF T-Mobile Dash 3G by HTC, you can learn how to make your bluetooth from HTC Dash 3G appears to other devices and you can pair it or make it able to send / receive any file. How about a tutorial on using Microsoft Office Mobile for Open doc, xls and. Pdf documents .. Do not worry, at page 174 you can get all the information you need even a tutorial on how to use Microsoft Office OneNote.

If you want to know how you can restart the phone in case your phone is in mode "hang" or "stop responding" You can find a way to start back in when you open and read page 74 of the HTC Snap User's Guide. On that page you can also learn how to reset (hard / master reset) Phone at the destination you want to change the phone settings back to factory default settings. Remember all the news of the data will be deleted if you choose this option.

Other tutorials: Using YouTube, Using Google Maps with GPS Navigator, Connecting to the Internet with Wi-Fi, Change Language, Phone Settings, Camera and Video, Make Album and more.
Contents of the HTC T-Mobile Dash 3G User Guide Manual / User
  • Welcome to T-Mobile
  • Start
  • Using Phone Features
  • Synchronizing Information with Your Computer
  • Manage Your Phone
  • Organizing Phone Information;
  • Contact
  • T-Mobile myFaves
  • SIM Manager
  • Calendar
  • Task
  • Voice Recorder,
  • Exchanging Messages
  • Working with Company Email and Meeting Appointments
  • Get Connected;
  • Comm Manager
  • Connecting to the Internet:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dial-up, Internet Explorer Mobile
  • YouTube
  • Internet Sharing (Phone as Modem)
  • Bluetooth
  • Windows Live
  • Windows Live Messenger,
  • Navigating on the Road
  • Google Maps
  • Windows Live Search
  • Guidelines and Preparation for the use of GPS
  • Downloading QuickGPS data via satellite,
  • Camera and Multimedia
  • Using Other Applications;
  • Adobe Reader LE
  • Microsoft Office Mobile
  • Speed ​​Dial
  • Voice Command
  • Handango InHand
  • My Account
  • Attachment
  • Index

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