HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide

HTC Touch Pro2 Manual User Guide HTC Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile that we want to talk now, is one example of HTC Products Phone running Windows Mobile Professional version 6.1. The series is also available for AT & T carrier of the same name and is sometimes also referred to as the HTC Tilt 2 for AT & T. Others aka HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC XV6875 is HTC Rhodium. The phone comes with a five-Side Slide Out Qwerty Keyboard line. That's why we are known as Slider Phone this phone (sliding form factor)

One of the tutorials are available in the Guidelines Manual / Users of the HTC Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile that we want to bring you the exact page that the user is How the World Clock and Alarm Clock. For example you can learn the steps by step tutorial how you can set the alarm, turn on / off and change it. Everything is available on page 82 under Chapter myFace of Manual PDF.
If you want to learn how to use the Master Reset / Hard Reset or Soft Reset that you want to apply when your phone runs slower or program is not working properly (including the one you face a difficult problem with the phone like it was destroyed in turn setting), you can find instructions to do so by reading page 249.
Another tutorial you can learn include how to connect to the internet with Wi-Fi, enable / disable Bluetooth and Pairing with other devices, using Microsoft Office for Mobile, Watch YouTube, the tutorial uses a 3.2 MP camera for video recording, Learning to listen to music , and more. Just download the PDF file Quick Start Guide Manual or under the "Get Help Tab". Enjoy!
Table Contents HTC Touch Pro2 User Manual T-Mobile
  • Getting Started
  • Using Phones Features
  • Using the Home Screen
  • Entering Text
  • Synchronizing Information
  • Exchanging Messages
  • Working with Company Email and Meeting Appointments
  • Internet;
  • Ways of Connecting to the Internet:
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPRS / 3G
  • Dial Up
  • Starting a Data Connection.
  • Using Opera Mobile
  • Using Internet Explore Mobile
  • Using YouTube
  • Using Windows LiveUsing Your Phone as a Modem,
  • Bluetooth
  • Navigating on the Road;
  • Google Maps
  • Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPS
  • Downloading Location Data via QuickGPS
  • Bing,
  • Camera and Multimedia
  • Programs;
  • JBlend
  • JETCET Presentation
  • Microsoft Office Mobile
  • SIM Manager
  • Voice Command
  • Facebook Application
  • Windows Marketplace
  • Managing Your Phone
  • Appendix
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