Samsung F50 Manual User Guide & Troubleshooting

Samsung F50 Manual User Guide & Troubleshooting - Samsung F50 Camcorders The article features Google Search Schneider Kreuznach Lens Lens And 52x Optical Zoom. It has a 2.7 "LCD Touch Panel. Tenggaraharja Commissioner when Anda was the owner's husband camcorder, here Anda can download Samsung F50 manual or User guide directly on the site of the largest OS Samsung F50

User comes in PDF format Google search for article file size 4.64 MB and consists of 124 Audited language also supports the language translator. Some important information and instructions in the User guide F50 Samsung complementary about how to Operate the camcorder, connect guide, maintenance, recording and playback of tutorials, guides SYSTEM setting, problem Tips And MUCH More. More details on PT Holcim Content to Samsung F50 owner's manual as follows:

Table content for the Samsung F50 manual user guide:
  • Quick start guide
  • Getting to know the camcorder
  • Basic operation of the camcorder
  • About the storage media
  • Basic recording
  • Basic playback
  • Recording options
  • Playback options
  • System setting
  • Connecting to a TV
  • Dubbing Videos
  • using with a windows computer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance & additional information
  • Specifications

Get and download free pdf manual or user guide and troubleshooting for Samsung F50 camcoder here: Samsung F50 manual

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