Sonim XP3300 Force User Manual Guide

Sonim XP3300 Force Owner Manual GuideAre you the owner of Sonim XP3300 Force mobile phone? You must require the owner's manual or operating manual, so you can use it properly. Your owner's manual contains instructions on how to use this phone properly. This manual comes in PDF file format with a 6.86 MB.

Taken from the website Sonim, Sonim XP3300 Force which has GPS capability class companies for accurate tracking of optimized real-time location, and ready for the Mobile Resource Management applications developers. 2 MP camera with LED fl ashes and bright? Digital zoom capture critical jobsite information when worker safety is enhanced with a strong antenna performance, battery life is very long and active noise cancellation. Sonim has further improved the reliability of memory, speed and available for JAVA applications. The Sonim JAVA Application Manager (JAM) store off ers a variety of pre-tested and certified party applications? Third ed workforce management to download?. NoteVault, for the construction industry, records and transcribes voice notes to track the request last minute changes and safety of oral reports directly from the workplace, making good use of noise cancellation, GPS tagging and image capture capabilities of the Sonim XP3300 Force.

Table of Contents Sonim XP3300 Force User Manual Guide:

  • General Information
  • Your Safety Guidelines
  • Getting Started
  • Your Sonim XP3300 FORCE Phone
  • Calls
  • Settings
  • Managing Your Files
  • Managing Contacts
  • Messages
  • Profiles
  • Tools
  • Applications
  • WAP Browser
  • Connectivity
  • Camera
  • Music
  • Hardcoded Shortcuts
  • Micro SD Card
  • Wired Headset
  • Index
This Sonim XP3300 Force User Manual Guide website available for FREE at Sonim. Now you can download it here

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