How to Boot Samsung Galaxy Note into Recovery Mode when Firmware Upgrade Encountered an Issue

Pressing the Volume UP + Home + Power button will boot to the Galaxy Notes Samsung Recovery Mode. This is useful if you run into problems when upgrading the firmware of your device and something happens that just suddenly stuck on the screen and only shows "Firmware upgrade problems. Please select the recovery mode in Kies and try again." Then the PC will not recognize the Galaxy notes you even if you are already connected.

Here's what you should do next if it happens that you may also have a situation like this.

  • Remove the battery from your notes Galaxy (If you can not turn it OFF while stuck on the error screen)
  • Put the battery again but do not power it up again. This time press the key combination of recovery mode. Press and hold the Volume UP + Home + Power button until the screen appears the recovery mode.
  • Using the Volume Up and Down buttons to activate this option.

reboot the system now
apply sdcard: update zip
delete the data / factory reset
deleting the cache partition
  • Select the option "reboot system now" first and then wait for the device will reboot normally. If the device will not boot to the welcome screen and just stuck or freeze, return to the recovey again.
  • This time select the "erase data / factory reset" (Note:. This will erase all data stored on your device but not from SDCARD Then again "reboot system now" This should boot you to the Galaxy notes normal mode ..
Why is this happening?
This force occurs in a number of reasons when you upgrade to a certain firmware update.
  1. One is that you accidentally cut off when the phone is in the process of upgrading the firmware.
  2. Because of losing power, your device does not have enough battery charge when you upgrade.
  3. The network connection is too weak and or disruption occurs.
  4. If you are using a PC or laptop, it may be more distracted by other programs such as anti-virus. The rest will be on your own personal experience.
Then try to update the firmware again, 'make sure this time that you have Android devices fully charge the battery, use a good PC or laptop and a good network connection.

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