LG Expo GW820 Manual User Guide

 LG Expo GW820 Manual User Guide - There are two guidance documents for the LG Expo (GW820). The first user and the user guide you can learn about the LG Expo Features or Components Phone, tutorial for Installing the SIM card and battery, MicroSD Memory Card How to Use, LG S-class UI Tutorial, Using the Start Menu, Using the LG, using Multitasking function, how Share Videos for your phone calls, Make Personal Email, download messages, using the AppCenter instance of Ringtones, games, Cool Tools / Apps, Color Graphics, Fun Packages, Music Player, Home phone, mobile web, using the RSS Reader, restore and backup, Wireless Manager, Change your phone settings, using Bluetooth, Taking photographs and recordings, tutorial for Internet Sharing, using Office Mobile, Messaging Downloading, ActiveSync (includes: setting setting with Windows Vista and Windows XP), the proxy manager, and more . Guide, Quick Start contains only two brief, but there are some Tips & Tricks and tips for instance do not activate the SIM, phone can not be activated, and can not connect to wireless network
Download LG Expo (GW820) Manual User Guide (English) - (Espanol) Quick Start Guide (English

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