LG Optimus L3 Manual User Guide

LG Optimus L3 Manual User Guide - This is the latest news for LG Optimus L3 manual or user guide. Manual for LG Optimus L3 smartphone is now available for immediate download on the official webiste lg and support in English (6.25 MB, 130 pages). The LG Optimus L3 contains a wealth of information and instructions for the tutorial examples of instructions Install SIM card and battery on page 35, install and format the memory card, touch screen tips and guidelines phone keys, use the home screen, Enabling Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot settings, call settings, change your message settings and use a video camera and also use the advanced settings. In the user manual LG Optimus L3 also provides detailed information such as the App of Preloaded, using galleries, music, Sending data from your phone via Bluetooth, using the Polaris office on page 93 and the application manager on page 94, phone settings such as guide & Wireless network setup call , the sound and display settings, Location & security, connectivity settings, Oracle updates the phone, and the poblem solving the problem. You can read the table of contents to the LG Optimus L3 owner's manual below.
Table of contents for LG Optimus L3 users guide guide:
  • Guidelines for safe and efficient
  • important notices
  • Getting to know your phone
  • your screen
  • Setup a Google account
  • Wi-Fi
  • call
  • contact
  • message
  • email
  • camera
  • video camera
  • multimedia
  • utility
  • web
  • arrangement
  • software updates
  • accessories
  • technical data
  • troubleshooting
LG Optimus L3 Problem Summary:
  • SIM error
  • There is no network connection / network loss
  • Codes do not match
  • Each application can not be set
  • Calls are not available
  • The phone can not be activated
  • charging error
  • Number not permitted
  • Possible to receive / send SMS & images
  • File not open
  • SD card not working
  • The screen does not light up when I receive a call
  • no sound
  • Hang or freeze
  • The phone is locked and not working
LG Optimus L3 manual user guide here.

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