Samsung Replenish Manual User Guide

Samsung Replenish Manual User Guide - If you're owner of  the Samsung replenish (sprint), maybe you're one among one that doesn't understand once it's bought the Samsung replenish mobile phone, abundant do you have to study the options and applications out there. If you're the user kind WHO likes exploration with the Samsung make full that you just have purchased it, there is nothing wrong if you scan the Samsung replenish manual or user guide PDF. By reading the Samsung replenish manual, you'd profit and new information necessary instruction for instance setting up, activating device, Turning Your Device On and Off, Navigation and Customization, making a Google Account, location settings, display and language setting, sound setting, calls setting, security and electronic communication settings, change microcode, change samsung softwrae, victimisation calendar, microSD serrrings, necessary association info, tutorial taking ikon and recording video, victimisation bluetooth settings, using web, victimisation Wi-fi, victimisation automaton market, sptint mobile hotspot, sprint TV, music, victimisation GPS and Google maps, safety and m from now on. every get the Samsung replenish mobile phone, after all invariably enclosed a guide book or manual that has the written type. however if you lost with the user guide or user manual and wish to scan the Samsung replenish owner manual on-line or download it in pdf file, please visit sprint official web site. but you'll be able to additionally transfer the manual that out there at the tip of this text. please click the link. The Samsung make full has specifications and options like runing on the automaton a pair of.2 Froyo software system, Eco-Friendly style, bit QWERTY bar phone, it has 2.8-inch (1.8 inch x 2.6 inch) TFT QVGA display, equipped with 2 MP camera and camera, support for Wi-Fi and GPS capable, Bluetooth a pair of.1, support 2GB microSD card slot (up to a 32GB memory card), out there 512MB/512MB (ROM) and steam-powered by 1600 mAh customary battery capability.

Table of content for the Samsung Replenish Manual user guide:
  • Introduction
  • Your Device’s Menu
  • Section 1: Getting Started
  • 1A. Setting Up Service
  • Section 2: Your Phone
  • 2A. Device Basics
  • 2B. Settings
  • 2C. Call Log
  • 2D. Contacts
  • 2E. Calendar & Tools
  • 2F. Voice Services
  • 2G. microSD Card
  • 2H. Camera
  • 2I. Bluetooth
  • Section 3: Sprint Service
  • 3A. Sprint Service: The Basics
  • 3B. Web and Data Services
  • 3C. Entertainment: TV and Music
  • 3D. GPS Navigation
  • Section 4:
  • Safety and Warranty Information
  • 4A. Important Safety Information
  • 4B. Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Index
Download Samsung Replenish Manual user guide (English | 10.3 MB | 215 pages)

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