Panasonic HX-WA2 Manual PDF Review

Panasonic HX-WA2 Manual PDF Review - After we talk about Smart Phone, well now we will share you a product of camcorder from Panasonic, Panasonic HX-WA2 HD Camcorder. We will give you such an information about Panasonic HX-WA2 Manual Pdf and also its download. You can also get every download link for support product here. We provide you not just the user guide download but also pdf review. For your information this user guide is contained in 224 pages of PDF file that you can download in here from Panasonic website. 
You can save it into your gadgets or pc so you can read for tomorrow or next time when you need it. In this pdf you can get some information such as Caring for this unit after using it underwater, Charging and recording time, Cards that you can use with this unit, Double range zoom, Record with color balance and audio that are suitable for recording underwater, Reading the operating instructions of the software applications, TV format setting and many more as you can find in your pdf ebook.
  • Preparation : (Important) About the Waterproof and Dustproof Performance of this unit [HX-WA20]/[HX-WA2], Accessories, Names and Functions of Main Parts, Power supply, Recording to a card, Turning the unit on/of, Selecting a mode and Setting date and time.
  • Basic : Before recording, Recording motion pictures, Recording still pictures, Recording audio, Intelligent Auto Mode, Motion picture/Still picture/Audio playback, Using the menu screen and Using Option Menu.
  • Advanced (Recording) : Using the zoom, Image stabilizer, Recording in Slow Motion Mode [HX-WA20], Burst recording, Recording panorama still pictures, Recording underwater [HX-WA20]/[HX-WA2], Recording functions of menus and Manual recording.
  • Advanced (Playback) : Playback Operations, Various playback functions, Using the playback menu, Deleting scenes/still pictures/audio files, Watching Video/Pictures on your TV and Playback using VIERA Link.
  • Copy/Dubbing : Copying from Built-in Memory to SD card and Dubbing images onto other video devices.
  • With a PC : What you can do with a PC, Operating environment, Installation, Connecting to a PC, Starting HD Writer VE 2.0, If using Mac, Uploading files to a web service and Using the Eye-Fi™ transfer feature.
  • Others : LCD Display Indications, Messages, Troubleshooting, Cautions for use, About copyright, Recording modes/approximate recordable time, Approximate number of recordable pictures, Specifications, Optional accessories, Limited Warranty (ONLY FOR U.S.A. AND PUERTO RICO), Warranty (For Canadian Customers), Useful Information (Only For Latin American Countries), Index and Spanish Quick Use Guide/Guía española para el uso rápido.

Using this unit underwater

  1. Use this unit underwater at a depth of down to 3 m (10 feet) with the water temperature between 0 oC and 35 oC (32 oF and 95 oF).
  2. Do not use this unit at a depth of over 3 m (10 feet).
  3. Do not use it in hot water over 35 oC (95 oF) (in a bath or a hot spring).
  4. Do not use this unit underwater not longer than 60 minutes continuously.
  5. Do not open or close the rear door.
  6. Do not apply shock to this unit underwater. (Waterproof performance may not be maintained, and there is a chance of water leak.)
  7. Do not dive into the water holding this unit. Do not use this unit in a location where the water will splash strongly, such as rapid flow or waterfall. (Strong water pressure may be applied, and it may cause malfunction.)
  8. This unit will sink in the water. Take care not to drop this unit and lose it underwater by securely placing the strap around your wrist or similar measure.
  9. Attaching a tripod with a 5.5 mm (0.22 q) screw or larger may open a hole in this unit through which water will leak.
  10. Recording audio

Open the LCD monitor.

  1. Select the menu
  2. Start recording by pressing the recording start/stop button.
  3. Press the recording start/stop button again to stop recording.

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