Alcatel OT-908 Manual User Guide

Alcatel OT-908 Manual  User Guide - The Alcatel OT-908 manual or user guide currently accessible for transfer in PDF format. it's file size of six.85 MB, 148 pages and support in english language. The Alcatel OT-908 manual is guide ebook that contain reference info and directions to work this phone properly. Keep  the Alcatel OT-908 user guide properly as a result of in the future you'll positively would like a guide or once there's a drag. within the Alcatel OT-908 user manual you'll get info and find out about keys and connectors, home screen summary, exploitation onscreen keyboard, phone call, exploitation google messaging, email and speak, exploitation Google calendar, calculator. Then regarding connecting to the web, exploitation browser, connecting bluetooth and USB, VPN settings, sharing phone mobile information connection.
Further within the Alcatel OT-908 owner manual offer detail info regarding download and install at android market, exploitation camera and camcoder, gallery, youtube, music, exploitation Google maps, file manager, task manager, video, sound recorder, SyncMLClient, radio. Another necessary tutorial like regarding phone settings guide like decision settings, sound settings, location and security, privacy, language, date and time, home screen settings, laptop suite and one bit upgrade, warranty, accessories information, specifications, and troubleshooting guide. For table of content as follows:

Table of content for the Alcatel OT-908 manual / user guide:

  • Safety and use
  • General information
  • Your mobile
  • Text input
  • Phone call, call log and contacts
  • Google messaging, google / email, google talk
  • Google calendar and alarm clock and calculator
  • Getting connected
  • Android market
  • Mutimedia applications
  • Google maps
  • Others
  • Settings
  • Making the most of your phone
  • Telephone warranty
  • Accessories
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specificaions
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