Troubleshooting For Alcatel OT-908

Troubleshooting For Alcatel OT-908 - If you're owner of Alcatel OT-908 mobile phone, perhaps you have got older issues along with your phone. Before trying an answer or troubleshooting via computer program like Google, yahoo, bing, altavista or alcatel service center, you'll be able to strive reading at Alcatel OT-908 manual particularly in troubleshooting section (chapter 15) on page 144.

Some problems information which discussed included:

  • Mobile phone can not swithc on
  • Mobile phone has not responded for several minutes
  • Mobile phone turns off by itself
  • Mobile phone will not charge properly
  • Mobile phone can not connect to a network
  • SIM card error
  • Unable to make outgoing calls
  • Unable to receive incoming calls
  • the caller's name or number does not appear when a call is received
  • I cannot find my contacts
  • The sound quality of the calls is not optimal
  • I am unable to use the features described in the manual
  • I am unable to add a contacts to my directory
  • My callers are unable to leave messages on my voicemail
  • I cannot access my voicemail
  • I am unable to send and receive MMS
  • No service is displayed
  • I have already entered 3 incorrect PIN codes
  • I am unable to connect my phone to my computer
  • I am unable to download new files
  • The phone can't detected by others via bluetooth
  • How to make your battery longer

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